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There Is No Place Like Home

A casi tutti bene

Gabriele Muccino

Comedy, Drama, Family Issues

Contemporary World Cinema, Italian Showcase

ItalianEnglish SubtitlesItaly2018105 min


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Family reunions are short for a reason: The potential for politeness and civility to give way to childish barbs and decades-old resentments increases exponentially with every passing day. Italian director Gabriele Muccino doubles down on the brooding at the center of his drama by stranding his protagonists on a volcanic island in the Gulf of Naples during a sudden storm, forcing them to remain under a single roof until the skies clear and the ferry to the mainland can resume.

While they wait, tensions erupt between the matriarch of the clan, who yearns in futility for peace; the cantankerous patriarch; current and ex-wives; an aged aunt; a cheating couple; hormonal teenagers; and the black sheep of the tribe. Working from a screenplay co-written by Paolo Genovese (see The Place, also screening in this year’s festival), an ace ensemble cast weaves the troubled lives of these family members together in a complex tapestry whose threads threaten to unravel once and for all.

SUBTITLED (Foreign language with on-screen subtitles)

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Producer: Marco Belardi | Editor: Claudio Di Mauro | Cinematographer: Shane Hurlbut | Screenwriter: Gabriele Muccino, Paolo Costella
Cast: Stefano Accorsi, Carolina Crescentini, Elena Cucci, Pierfrancesco Favino, Claudia Gerini

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