The Great Pretender | Denver Film Society | Nathan Silver | USA

The Great Pretender

Nathan Silver

American Indie, Drama, Romance

English, FrenchEnglish SubtitlesUSA201872 min


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Regular fest guest Nathan Silver’s trademark knack for blurring the boundaries between life and art, truth and delusion is on wicked display here as in Actor Martinez (DFF39) and Thirst Street (DFF40), among other works in his prolific filmography.

In this case, an autobiographical, off-off-Broadway play itself becomes a stage for the key players’ own romantic drama in five darkly funny acts. It starts with French director Mona (Maëlle Poésy), who returns to New York after a lengthy sojourn home to put on a show based—not loosely—on her turbulent affair with ex Nick (Linas Phillips), the photographer who broke her heart. Or did he? Nick has a completely different take on how their relationship soured.

The truth may or may not out in the theater, where the bundle of neuroses that is actress Thérèse (Esther Garrel) is preparing to play Mona alongside mealymouthed hipster Chris (indie darling Keith Poulson), cast as Nick. As their rehearsals progress, Thérèse’s feelings for Chris become clear. Chris’s feelings for Mona become clear. Nick’s feelings for Mona are clearly conflicted. And as for Mona, her feelings for anyone are anything but clear. Will all that change when the curtain finally rises?

Producer: Matt Grady, Danelle Eliav, Nathan Silver, Jack Dunphy, Jere B. Ford | Editor: Jack Dunphy | Cinematographer: Sean Price Williams | Screenwriter: Jack Dunphy
Cast: Esther Garrel, Keith Poulson, Maelle Poesy-Guichard, Linas Phillips