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Amanda Kramer

American Indie, Thriller, Women's Issues

EnglishUSA201894 min


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Freshman director Amanda Kramer’s debut thriller opens with a shot of a chandelier that tumbles from the ceiling to the floor, prompting a voice: “Hey, did anything fall on you?” It’s the last time any of the eight teenage girls at the birthday party in this Lord of the Flies–inspired thriller will show any genuine concern for one another, as they rapidly regress into near-animalism after being trapped in their host’s house following an unnamed natural disaster.

Logical Olivia is initially voted to be the leader of the group, despite the eye-rolling and snide remarks of mean girl Piper; tensions rise as the girls ration water and cake, coming to a head with the birthday girl’s insistence that there’s a man lurking somewhere in the house. The power struggle between Olivia and Piper becomes more violently surreal as the young women attempt to assert their dominance against a hallucinogenic score of jarringly discordant tones and growly vocal fry that renders this exploration of the dark side of our social selves doubly disturbing.

Director Amanda Kramer and star/co-editor Noel David Taylor will be in attendance for the Tues. Nov. 6th and Wed. Nov. 7th screenings.

Producer: Thomas R. Burke, Jamie Dolan, Leal Naim | Editor: Benjamin Shearn, Noel David Taylor | Cinematographer: Patrick Meade Jones | Screenwriter: Amanda Kramer, Benjamin Shearn
Cast: Ariela Barer, Annalise Basso, Ryan Simpkins, Odessa Adlon, Maya Hawke, Noel David Taylor