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Roll Red Roll

Nancy Schwartzman

Historical/Period, Social Issues, Women's Issues

EnglishUSA201880 min


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This gripping documentary goes behind the headlines of the notorious 2012 rape case that brought the entire town of Steubenville, Ohio, to a standstill from which it has yet to emerge. In this small, football-obsessed town, an underage girl is assaulted at a party, and the phones of teenagers around town immediately blow up with texts, social-media posts, and videos of the attack by members of the beloved high-school football team. As amateur crime blogger Alex Goddard uncovers this disturbing online evidence, questions linger around the collusion of bystanders both underaged and adult.

In her feature debut, director Nancy Schwartzman explores the complex motivations of perpetrators and witnesses alike and unflinchingly asks: “Why didn’t anyone stop it?” The answers to that question bear witness to the “boys will be boys” culture that allowed the crime to occur and serve as a cautionary tale of what can happen when we look the other way to deny that rape culture exists.

Director Nancy Schwartzman will be in attendance for the Fri. Nov. 9th and Sat. Nov. 10th screenings.

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Producer: Nancy Schwartzman, Steven Lake | Editor: Chris White | Cinematographer: Matt Bockelman