False Confessions | Denver Film Society | Katrine Philp | Denmark

False Confessions

Katrine Philp

Crime, Social Issues, Thriller

English, DanishEnglish SubtitlesDenmark201891 min


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Would you confess to a crime you didn’t commit? Innocent Americans do it all the time, especially at the hands of interrogators who lie about evidence (which, shockingly, is legal in the United States) and employ aggressive questioning methods that, rather than eliciting the truth, pressure law-abiding citizens into false confessions.

Defense attorney Jane Fisher-Byrialsen is determined to put an end to interrogations that all too often force blameless people into prison cells. Director Katrine Philp’s gutsy documentary follows her through the maze of four cases she’s fighting to examine the psychological reasons people admit to crimes they haven’t perpetrated and the consequences of these confessions—not only for the accused and their families, but for society at large.

Subject Jane Fisher-Byrialsen will be in attendance for all screenings.

Producer: Katrine Sahlstrøm | Editor: Rasmus Stensgaard Madsen, Signe Rebekka Kaufmann | Cinematographer: Adam Philp, Talib Rasmussen
Cast: Jane Fisher-Byrialsen
Additional Countries: Germany