Our Song to War | Denver Film Society | Juanita Onzaga | Belgium

Our Song to War

Juanita Onzaga

SpanishEnglish SubtitlesBelgium201814 min


Crocodile men, a mystic river, some kids who like fishing, and a war share the same Colombian land: Bojaya. In this place, villagers have strange beliefs and celebrate the Novenario death ritual.

Producer: Juanita Onzaga, Jan Stevens, Sofie Despeer | Editor: Juanita Onzaga, Romain Vennekens | Cinematographer: Juanita Onzaga | Screenwriter: Juanita Onzaga
Additional Countries: Colombia

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Shorts 4: Avant-Garde

Shorts 4: Avant-Garde

Director Kelly Sears of Applied Pressure and Director Joshua Wilmott and producer Rachel Walker of Come On Mandy will be in attendance for screenings.

93 Min
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