All Sounds Considered | Denver Film Society | Florence Müller | Goran Vejvoda | France

All Sounds Considered

Florence Müller, Goran Vejvoda

English, FrenchEnglish SubtitlesFrance201896 min


  • Monday 11/5
  • 7:00 PM Sie FilmCenter DFF Buy Add to My Festival
    • Tuesday 11/6
  • 7:15 PM Sie FilmCenter DFF Buy Add to My Festival
  • Overview

    All Sounds Considered explores the states of sound and silence without dogmas or preconceived theories. Produced and directed by sound artist Goran Vejvoda and curator Florence Müller, the idea for this experimental documentary, or “freecumentary,” is to lend an open ear while bearing witness to a multiplicity of innovative postures and creations, unfolding in modular, nonchronological fashion.

    Artworks, books, exhibitions, performances, interviews, instruments, and machines help us discover the world of contemporary sonic media, as built by researchers, inventors, and visionaries of all kinds. When it goes off the beaten track, Vejvoda and Müller’s voyage into the realm of audio perspectives and their iterations can disconcert as much as it can profoundly seduce.

    Directors Florence Müller and Goran Vejvoda will be in attendance for all screenings

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    Producer: Florence Müller, Goran Vejvoda | Editor: Florence Müller, Goran Vejvoda | Cinematographer: Florence Müller, Goran Vejvoda | Screenwriter: Florence Müller, Goran Vejvoda

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