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ULAM: Main Dish

Alexandra Cuerdo

EnglishUSA201780 min


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The restaurant industry can be cutthroat; it can also be uplifting. That goes double for chefs seeking to bring immigrant cuisines to the American table.

In this stirring documentary, Filipino-American filmmaker Alexandra Cuerdo follows the visionaries at the center of the booming Filipino food movement—including Eggslut’s Alvin Cailan and Ricebar’s Charles Olalia—as they seek to introduce a mainstream audience to the joys of adobo, kare-kare, and lechon while challenging themselves as chefs to take the staple dishes of the Philippines in new directions.

Of course, the difficulties they confronted as unknowns have morphed into the difficulties they confront as ambassadors of their hyphenated community. Cuerdo takes a deep dive into the complexities of representation even as she celebrates the delicious traditions that have brought Filipino culture into focus stateside.

Director Alexandra Cuerdo and producer/cinematographer John Floresca will be in attendance for the screening

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Producer: Alexandra Cuerdo, John Floresca, Rey Cuerdo | Editor: Tayler Braasch | Cinematographer: John Floresca | Screenwriter: Alexandra Cuerdo

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