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We Are Columbine

Laura Farber

Biographical, Colorado, Historical/Period

EnglishUSA201878 min


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The images that emerged from Columbine High School on April 20, 1999, are as indelible as any in modern history: grainy, black-and-white security-camera footage, helicopters circling overhead, children running frantically across a parking lot.

After 20 years, the story of the Columbine massacre is as timely as ever—and for some of the former students who lived it, the pain as fresh. Director Laura Farber, who was a freshman at the time of the shooting, gathers four of her classmates and returns to the school, walking through empty hallways, classrooms, and gyms as they recall their memories of that tragic day and discuss the lasting effect of the trauma in their lives. Farber’s first feature documentary sensitively examines their search for closure as well as the related issues today’s teens face.

Director Laura Farber and subjects will be in attendance for all screenings.

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Producer: Laura Farber, John Bosher, Chris Charles, Clare Deady, Josephine Bode, Heidi Zersen | Editor: James Stanger | Cinematographer: Joseph Fitzgerald