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Behind the Curve

Daniel J. Clark

EnglishUSA201897 min


  • Saturday 11/3
  • 4:15 PM UA Pavilions Buy Add to My Festival
    • Sunday 11/4
  • 7:00 PM UA Pavilions Buy Add to My Festival
    • Tuesday 11/6
  • 4:00 PM UA Pavilions Buy Add to My Festival
  • Overview

    Meet the Flat Earthers—a small but growing (and very vocal) contingent of people who firmly believe that there is a centuries-long conspiracy to suppress the truth that the big blue ball we inhabit is actually a thin blue disk. They host conferences and join dating sites for the faithful. From Mark Sargent to Patricia Steere, they also happen to be rather charismatic.

    Director Daniel J. Clark takes you on a journey into their world—inviting you get to know them into their own words even as it introduces you to the scientists who have a few choice words of their own for the movement. The result is at once highly entertaining, deeply unsettling, and surprisingly multidimensional.

    Director Daniel J. Clark and producer Caroline Clark will be in attendance for the Sat. Nov. 3rd and Sun. Nov. 4th screenings.

    Producer: Nick Andert, Caroline Clark, Daniel J. Clark | Editor: Nick Andert | Cinematographer: Terrance Stewart

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