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Afghan Cycles

Sarah Menzies

Dari, English, FrenchEnglish SubtitlesAfghanistan201889 min


  • Sunday 11/4
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    • Monday 11/5
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    • Tuesday 11/6
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  • Overview

    What lengths would you go to in order to ride a bicycle? As a vehicle for personal expression and political freedom as well as a literal form of transport, the two-wheeler also serves as a spoked lens through which director Sarah Menzies explores the struggles endured by Afghan women and girls who dare to ride against all odds. In the face of a patriarchal society that continues to insist females belong in the home, something as simple as mounting a bike and going for a spin—taking up public space—can be subversive and even dangerous, and as this stirring documentary progresses amid the country’s political and societal shifts, the optimism that characterizes the women’s cycling movement gives way to a more nuanced hope for the future. Still, the women ride, despite cultural barriers, poor infrastructure, and death threats—embracing the power and freedom that come with the sport.

    Director Sarah Menzies will be in attendance for the Sun. Nov. 4th and Mon. Nov. 5th screenings.

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    Producer: Caryn Capotosto, Sarah Menzies, Anna Brones, Jenny Nichols, Shannon Galpin | Editor: Tony Hale | Cinematographer: Sarah Menzies, Jenny Nichols, Ellie Kealey

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