JAAMM Fest: Icarus | Denver Film Society | Bryan Fogel | USA

JAAMM Fest: Icarus

Bryan Fogel

Documentary, Sports, Substance Abuse

Russian, EnglishEnglish SubtitlesUSA2017121 minWebsite


This is a past event. This event is no longer available.


Special Screening as part of JAAMM Fest - Saturday, October 20th at 7pm - at the Sie FilmCenter!

Q&A with director Bryan Fogel via Skype following the screening

Winner of the 2018 Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature

While investigating the furtive world of illegal doping in sports, Fogel connects with renegade Russian scientist Dr. Grigory Rodchenkov—a pillar of his country’s “anti-doping” program. Over dozens of Skype calls, urine samples, and badly administered hormone injections, Fogel and Rodchenkov grow closer despite shocking allegations that place Rodchenkov at the center of Russia’s state-sponsored Olympic doping program. When the truth is more complex than imagined, and accusations of illegalities run to Russia’s highest chains of command, the two realize they hold the power to reveal the biggest international sports scandal in living memory.
Exemplifying the special bond between filmmaker and subject, this is a vital portrait of the sacrifice some people will make to stand up for truth. Icarus places you at the heart of an international game of cat and mouse, where a miscalculation can cost you your life.

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Cinematographer: Timothy Rode, Jake Swantko | Screenwriter: Jon Bertain, Bryan Fogel, Mark Monroe, Timothy Rode
Cast: Thomas Bach, Sebastian Coe, Bryan Fogel