(Week 1) Wire Wednesdays With Warm Cookies of the Revolution | Denver Film Society | Clark Johnson | USA

(Week 1) Wire Wednesdays With Warm Cookies of the Revolution

Clark Johnson


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Wednesday, September 12th at 7pm at the Sie FilmCenter
$5 suggested donation
Hosted by Dr. Vincent Piturro (MSU Denver, our Sci-Fi Film Series)

Season 1, Episode 1 - "The Target" with guest speaker Anthony Grimes

The HBO series The Wire has been called “the greatest television show ever made”. Over the course of five seasons it explored the inner workings of city life, including crime & punishment, politics, labor, education, and the media.
Come watch an episode each week and converse with local leaders and media critics about how “The Wire” relates to what’s happening in our community today.

About tonight's episode:
According to the creator of The Wire, David Simon, the first scene of every season embodies that season's theme. In "The Target," the first scene is particularly revealing: the lifeless body of a young African-American man, face down in the street. Detective James McNulty and D'Angelo Barksdale will emerge as key figures from their respective worlds--mid-level operatives of each the Baltimore Police's narcotics unit and the Barksdale drug organization. The episode starts painting the what will turn out to be a very complex picture of the Baltimore drug trade and its many ramifications, from government officials all the way down to the low-rise housing project called 'The Pit,' where kids in awe of their elder brothers try their luck at dealing, but with limited understanding of the consequences.

About tonight's guest speaker:
Anthony Grimes is a writer, photographer-filmmaker, human rights activist, pastor and theologian. While his family hails from Texas and Louisiana, he came of age in Denver's Park Hill neighborhood during the turbulent mid-1990s. Anthony has helped to create and lead several justice initiatives, ministries, and organizations including the Park Hill Parish and The Denver Freedom Riders.

Established in 2012 by Evan Weissman (one of Buntport Theater's founding members), Warm Cookies of the Revolution creates and hosts events at the McNichols Civic Center Building in Downtown Denver, the Denver Art Museum, the Colorado History Museum, and other public platforms around the Front Range. Using comedy, theater, and other kinds of innovative and fun arts and cultural programs, Warm Cookies aims to engage everyday people around politics, the economy, the environment, and social change, (hopefully!) making the questions "What do want?" and "How do we get there?" necessary, participatory, just, and fun.

Cinematographer: Uta Briesewitz | Screenwriter: David Simon
Cast: Dominic West, John Doman, Idris Elba