An Evening with SUPERNOVA Digital Animation Festival | Denver Film Society

An Evening with SUPERNOVA Digital Animation Festival

120 min


This is a past event. This event is no longer available.


September 20th, 7:00 - 9:00pm
Supernova is Denver's newest outdoor festival focused exclusively on digital animation, presented free on public LED displays. The screening will showcase a program of shorts curated by festival guest juror Robert Seidel, and a selection of animations by visiting artist Jonathan Monaghan, with both in attendance.

Housing Complexes
Eight experimental Short Films
Curated by Robert Seidel

Over the past three decades the digital revolution has occurred on a global scale, increasing its influence over all facets of our society. Rapid changes in communication, the structure of labour through the “sharing economy”, availability of information and personal as well as artistic expression – all resulting in a comprehensive restructuring of our lives.

The constant pressure of acceleration and optimization dramatically alters the way we live, replacing a seemingly foreseeable future with continuous change and short-term planning. The layers of the digital also restructure personality, replacing individuals with avatars and condensing groups of people into big data statistics. What was once limited to a physical presence is now boundless, originating from either the quietness of our homes or a faceless think tank, exploding into online-phenomena which slowly creep into our real lives.

The works presented in “Housing Complexes” examine the influence of the digital, exploring parallels between historical and geographical tectonic shifts, their abuse of power, separation of communities and the construction of alternative histories. The dense thematic rhizome of the eight experimental short films ranges from forced labour in Eastern Germany (Broken), speculative digital poems (I Want To Be Like You), the surveillance of the arms industry (Embargo), digitized memories of a passed-away father (Homeland Part I), post-colonial relationships (Occidente), architecture on the break of war (Steglitz House), the protuberance of social media (Universal Objects: BFFs1&2) and the tendency of human perception to discover meaning in random structures (Pareidolia).

Ana Vaz – Occidente – Brazil 2014 – 15:15min
Johann Lurf – Embargo – Austria 2014 – 10:00min
Volker Schlecht & Alexander Lahl – Broken – Germany 2016 – 7:02min
Patricia Detmering – Homeland Part I (Cat-State) – Germany 2017 – 5:04min
Bridget Baker – Steglitz House – South Africa/Germany 2009-2010 – 9:00min
Tanja Vujinovic – Universal Objects: BFFs1&2 – Slovenia 2017 – 2:50min
Dagmar Schuerrer – I Want To Be Like You – Germany/Austria 2016 – 05:45min
Saskia Olde Wolbers – Pareidolia – UK 2011 – 12:25min

Introduced by Berlin based artist Robert Seidel, special guest juror for the 2018 SUPERNOVA Digital Animation Festival.

Followed by Jonathan Monaghan - Synthetic Mythologies

Washington D.C. based contemporary artist Jonathan Monaghan returns to Denver during Supernova for his solo exhibition “Synthetic Mythologies,” presented by RMCAD at their Philip J. Steele Gallery. Monaghan will share four of his highly detailed, imaginative works in a special appearance at the Sie Film Center.

Presented by Denver Film Society

In conjunction with SUPERNOVA Digital Animation Festival

And Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design