CineLatino 2018: ¡Viva Kid Flicks! | Denver Film Society | Mexico

CineLatino 2018: ¡Viva Kid Flicks!

SpanishEnglish SubtitlesMexico74 min


This is a past event. This event is no longer available.


Saturday, September 8th, 11:00am
NYICFF is proud to offer a new Spanish-language program of animated, documentary, and live action films full of warmth, wit, and the cultural richness of our friends and neighbors to the south: Mexico. Drawn from the Festival’s annual Friends and Neighbors program spotlighting a different country every year, this lineup is co-curated with Mexico’s Morelia International Film Festival. All films are in Spanish with English subtitles or no dialogue, perfect for Spanish learners, speakers, and all seekers of fun, artistic, and enriching cultural experiences, ages 7+.

Mexico | Animation - Anna Cetti & Guicho Nuñez; 2017, 4 min.
A little girl recognizes that buzz and hum are essential to all life in this cross-pollinating tale.

Creativity Does Not Recognize Walls (La Creatividad no Reconoce Muros)
Mexico | Animation - Fernando Campos; 2017, 2 min.
Art knows no boundaries, as this lovely animation commissioned by the Pixelatl Festival seeks to show us.

Elena and the Shadows (Elena y las sombras)
Mexico | Animation - César Cepeda; 2016, 7 min.
Elena’s old neighborhood is empty and lonely until Félix enters her orbit and shows her how to access other universes.

Far from Home (Lejos de Casa)
Mexico | Live Action - Mayra Veliz; 2016, 13 min.
Risa is a Japanese teenager on a visit to Mexico. When she ends up lost in a restaurant in the middle of nowhere, a local boy tries to help her find her way.

A Hole (El Agujero)
Mexico | Animation - Maribel Suarez; 2016, 5 min.
A little girl longs for a playmate in the garden. Her efforts go unnoticed—until they finally take root.

Lucy vs. the Limits of Voice (Lucy Contra las Limites de Voz)
Mexico | Live Action - Mónica Herrera; 2012, 10 min.
Lucy wonders if each person is born with a fixed number of words to expend in their lifetime and if that could be the reason why her grandpa stopped talking.

Mateo and the Cinema (Mateo y el Cine)
Mexico | Animation - Luis Felipe Hernández Alanis; 2015, 4 min.
A young boy gets help from his family committed to seeing his artistic talents gloriously unfold.

The Piñata King
UK | Documentary - Charlie Kwai, Chris Lee & Paul Storrie; 2017, 3 min.
Over 50 years ago, on the outskirts of Mexico City, a family began making and selling piñatas to the local community. Now the whole town takes part in the tradition, in this colorful documentary demonstrating the art and quirks of the craft.

Piñata Love
USA | Live Action - Joel Ramirez; 2017, 6 min.
Mexican country craft meets-cute with NYC urban grit in this tale of a near-perfect mâche.

Rain in the Eyes (Lluvia en los Ojos)
Mexico | Animation - Rita Basulto; 2013, 9 min.
In this fantastical story set amidst hides tough and tender, seven-year-old Sofía recalls the day she fractured her arm while being chased through the forest.

Tintico’s Afternoons (Las Tardes de Tintico)
Mexico | Animation - Alejandro García Caballero; 2012, 11 min.
Under the beautiful Quebrada cliff in Acapulco, a group of mosquitoes crazy for tropical music desperately tries to bring happiness back into a rumba director's life.

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