SeriesFest International: The Typist | Denver Film Society

SeriesFest International: The Typist

60 min


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Friday, June 22nd, 3:30pm
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For decades, Freya has been protocoling criminal interrogations for the Berlin police department. She lives a secluded life, haunted by the gruesome accounts of violent crime - and even more by the disappearance of her daughter Marie, 11 years earlier. An old friend, Henry, takes over the department as new police commissioner. As their friendship gradually turns to love, Freya suddenly feels something akin to happiness for the first time in years. Until a similar case brings all the old memories back and she resolves to finally get to the bottom of Marie’s disappearance. Especially when evidence suggests that the two cases could be linked – together with some other unsolved murders. Taking matters into her own hands, she initiates some unconventional investigations of her own, and finds out more than she bargained for. Henry, too, gets closer to the truth – and to Freya’s own dark secret. Their newfound love suddenly in jeopardy, Freya must decide if justice is worth the sacrifice.

Director: Nina Grosse & Samira Radsi
Producers: Oliver Berben & Jan Ehlert
Cast: Sonja Gerhardt, Claudia Michelsen, Maria Ehrich, & Emilia Schüle
Germany, 60m
Premiere Status: US Premiere
Genre: Drama

Presented by Beta Film