Women+Film Festival: Kim Swims | Denver Film Society | Kate Webber | USA

Women+Film Festival: Kim Swims

Kate Webber

USA201775 min


This is a past event. This event is no longer available.


Thursday, April 12th, 7:30pm. Director Kate Webber in person!
Kim Swims is a documentary film about the inspiring story of an accomplished open water swimmer’s attempt to become the first woman to swim 30 miles through a stretch of cold, rough and shark-inhabited waters off of the San Francisco coast.

After a freak accident left Kim Chambers with a mere one-percent chance of walking unassisted again, these words from her doctor were seared into her memory:

"We saved your leg, but we don't know, what – if any – functionality you'll ever have."

Diagnosed with Acute Compartment Syndrome in her right leg and just thirty minutes from amputation, she was determined to prove the doctors wrong. Despite much uncertainty and multiple surgeries, Kim spent two years rehabilitating her leg and has now regained almost full functionality.

As part of this rehabilitation, Kim started to swim in a pool for the first time since primary school in New Zealand. On a dare, she went swimming in the cold waters of the San Francisco Bay and fell in love. Since then, she has done some of the toughest open water marathon swims around the world. Kim is only the 3rd woman and 6th person ever to complete the Ocean's Seven challenge - the open water swimming equivalent to the Seven Summits of mountaineering. These seven swims - that span the globe - are chosen for their particularly difficult water conditions (strong currents, cold water, etc.) with significant wildlife risks such as sharks and jellyfish. She is now considered one of the most successful marathon swimmers worldwide.

The film follows Kim as she chases her biggest dream yet: to become the first woman to complete a solo swim from the Farallon Islands to the Golden Gate Bridge – a 30-mile stretch of water known for frigid temperatures, swirling currents and the world’s largest Great White sharks. Many consider it to be the hardest marathon swim in the world, and rightfully so, as only 4 other men have completed the swim. Through the physically and emotionally challenging lead-up to the swim, the swim itself, and the candid interviews with her and others, we present a look into what propels Kim to conquer her fear, pursue her passion and achieve her greatest potential, and hopefully inspire others to do the same.

Said of Kim at one of her recent nominations for Female Open Water Swimmer of the Year: “After years of struggle and sacrifice, Kim has inspired others to reconsider what is truly possible from within oneself – in everyday life and in the open water. Personable, humble and profoundly eloquent, she is a role model in her rehabilitation and monumental swimming achievements. For her goal-setting mentality, for her laughter and motivational spirit, for her genuine willingness to share everything she has experienced along the way...”