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Django - Best of DFF40

Etienne Comar

Biographical, Drama, Historical/Period, Music

French, German, English, RomanyEnglish SubtitlesFrance2017117 minWebsite


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Set during World War II in Nazi-occupied France, this biopic covers a dramatic period in the life of of jazz virtuoso Django Reinhardt, played by Reda Kateb (Zero Dark Thirty, A Prophet) in a breakout role.
It opens with an exhilarating performance by Django and his band before an audience of Parisians and German officers. But when the superstar evades orders to tour Germany, he is forced to flee with his family to the Swiss border. As his war story unfolds, director Étienne Comar intercuts the increasing tension with a series of mini-concerts that showcase his subject's guitar-driven syncopations. At the same time, Django's plight—shared as it was by the Sinti and Roma communities caught in the Holocaust—evokes the tragic situation of refugees in Europe today. Comar doesn't flinch in the face of hard questions: does music have the ability to transcend conflict? Does an artist have a moral obligation to society? How does one weigh self-preservation against universal suffering?

Editor: Monica Coleman | Cinematographer: Christophe Beaucarne | Screenwriter: Etienne Comar, Alexis Salatko
Cast: Reda Kateb, Cécile De France, Bea Palya, Bimbam Merstein, Gabriel Mireté, Vincent Frade