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Moving Parts

Emilie Upczak

English, MandarinEnglish SubtitlesTrinidad and Tobago201777 min


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This quietly gripping drama puts a fresh spin on the subject of human trafficking by introducing us to a young Chinese woman smuggled into Trinidad and Tobago. After the death of her father, Zhenzhen hires a smuggler to take her to the Caribbean island where her brother, Wei, works in construction. Wei gets her a job at a restaurant, but when the smuggler demands more cash, the delicate beauty is forced into a compromising position. Help comes unexpectedly from Evelyn, who runs an art gallery in the neighborhood—but the contrast between the dark rooms above the restaurant and the blindingly white gallery calls everyone’s innocence into question.

Formerly the creative director of the Trinidad + Tobago Film Festival, Boulder native Emilie Upczak wrote and directed Moving Parts, which was shot on location.

Sponsored by Colorado Film and Video Association, Colorado Office of Film, Television and Media, Argonaut Wine & Liquor, Barbara Bridges, Caz Matthews

Director Emilie Upczak, producer Ronda Chan Soo and John Otterbacher, director of photography Nancy Schreiber and screenwriter Nicholas Emery in attendance

Producer: John Otterbacher, Emilie Upczak, Rhonda Chan Soo, Annabelle Mullen | Editor: Gabriel Coss, Jon Gollner | Cinematographer: Nancy Schreiber | Screenwriter: Nicholas Emery, Emilie Upczak, Jay White
Cast: Valerie Tian, Kandyse McClure, Jacqueline Chan
Additional Countries: USA

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