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Winter Brothers


Hlynur Palmason

English, DanishEnglish SubtitlesDenmark201797 min


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In Danish filmmaker Hlynur Pálmason's compelling debut—a self-styled, tragicomic lack-of-love story—Emil and Johan (Elliott Crosset Hove and Simon Sears) are emotionally fraught brothers living together in a desolate Scandinavian mining town. Adding tension to their already difficult relationship, they both have jobs in an environmentally toxic limestone factory, where Johan is forced to play peacemaker whenever the increasingly unpopular Emil disrupts their nightmarish workplace, which is often. What's more, they desire the same woman, their flirty young neighbor Anna (Victoria Carmen Sonne).

Things come to a head for Emil when a coworker falls ill after drinking his homemade moonshine—and, worse, Johan manages to seduce Anna. As winter envelops the town, Emil's desperate need for someone or something to love leads him to the brink of violent revenge.

Maria Von Hausswolff's superb cinematography and Lars Halvorsen's startling industrial soundscape underscore the moodiness of this tale of sibling rivalry.

Producer: Julie Waltersdorph Hansen, Hlynur Palmason | Editor: Julius Krebs Damsbo | Cinematographer: Maria von Hausswolff | Screenwriter: Hlynur Palmason
Cast: Michael Brostrup, Anders Hove, Elliott Crosset Hove, Jannik Jensen, Lars Mikkelsen 
Additional Countries: Iceland

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