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Sollers Point

Matthew Porterfield

EnglishUSA2017101 min


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In this dark drama, writer-director Matt Porterfield (Hamilton, SDFF29; Putty Hill, SDFF33) hands out meager crumbs of hope to his lead character, a small-time drug dealer in Baltimore, only to snatch them away just as quickly.

Just released from house arrest, Keith (played by McCaul Lombardi, a Baltimore native) considers going back to school and finding a job—but spends most of his time trying to get his old girlfriend and beloved dog back. His only support system includes his sister and aging grandmother, two women who still believe in him. But visits to his mother's grave remind Keith of how much he's lost, and his father (Jim Belushi)—a retired, disgruntled steelworker—has little patience with his son's bad habits and little to offer but tough love.

The gritty landscape reflects Keith's mounting frustration as trouble and former gang associates follow him around the bars, into the strip clubs and under the viaducts of his depressed neighborhood. Opportunity in Sollers Point rarely comes knocking for young men like Keith.

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Director Matthew Porterfield and actor Lynn Cohen in attendance

Producer: Eric Bannat, Alexandra Byer, Gabrielle Dumon, Jordan Mintzer | Editor: Marc Vives | Cinematographer: Shabier Kirchner | Screenwriter: Matthew Porterfield
Cast: McCaul Lombardi, James Belushi, Zazie Beetz, Everleigh Brenner, Imani Hakim, Wass Stevens

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