What Lies Upstream | Denver Film Society | Cullen Hoback | USA

What Lies Upstream

Cullen Hoback

EnglishUSA201789 min


  • Wednesday 11/8
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    • Friday 11/10
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  • Overview

    When filmmaker Cullen Hoback began researching a chemical spill that had poisoned half of West Virginia's drinking-water supply back in 2014, he hardly suspected he was on a trail of contamination and corruption that would stretch across state lines and reach the highest levels of our regulatory bureaucracy, including the Environmental Protection Agency and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    What Lies Upstream is a powerful warning against trusting the government (never mind big business) to look out for our best interests, including our health. It's also a call to environmental activism such as we saw in Flint, Michigan, and at Standing Rock. And last but not least, it's a testament to investigative journalism at a time when the field is being tested to its limits.

    Producer: Cullen Hoback, Nitin Khanna, John Ramos | Editor: Cullen Hoback | Cinematographer: Vince Sweeney | Screenwriter: Cullen Hoback
    Cast: Martin Riese

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