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The Leisure Seeker

Paolo Virzì

EnglishItaly2017112 min


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Paolo Virzì won Best Director at the 2017 David di Donatello Awards (Italy's Oscars) for last year's Like Crazy; now he's back with this bittersweet meditation on marriage as a lifelong adventure.

When John and Ella Spencer—the legendary Donald Sutherland and Helen Mirren—were young, the Winnebago they christened The Leisure Seeker was their vehicle of choice for family getaways. Now it's serving as a getaway vehicle from the family—namely the would-be caretakers who are their well-intentioned but overbearing adult son and daughter. Old age and its challenges be damned, the couple set out to enjoy the freedom of one last RV road trip on their own.

The journey from their suburban Massachusetts home down to the Ernest Hemingway Museum in Key West is a pilgrimage for John, a former high-school English teacher who still quotes literature from memory even as he forgets his own children's names. As the couple stumbles into adventures large and small while reliving old times for better or worse, it's left to Ella to navigate the rocky road ahead for both their sakes. But through it all—the laughter and bickering, reassurances and resentments, passions and jealousies—they find they still have surprises to share, even after a lifetime together.

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Producer: Marco Cohen, Fabrizio Donvito, Benedetto Habib | Editor: Jacopo Quadri | Cinematographer: Luca Bigazzi | Screenwriter: Stephen Amidon, Francesca Archibugi, Paolo Virzì
Cast: Donald Sutherland, Helen Mirren, Dick Gregory, Kirsty Mitchell, Janel Moloney
Additional Countries: France

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