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Beginning with the war of Kosovo in the late 1990s, photographer Chris Hondros spent a decade along the front lines of global combat, documenting the terror and strife he encountered for Getty Images. He was awarded numerous front-page placements in the New York Times and two Pulitzer Prize nominations for his influential photographs. In 2011, Hondros was tragically killed at age 41 while covering the civil war in Libya.

Directed by lifelong friend and colleague Greg Campbell (with Jake Gyllenhaal and Jamie Lee Curtis among the executive producers), this eloquent documentary not only pays tribute to the late photojournalist's courageous career but also conveys the story of the humorous and compassionate man behind the lens. Including interviews with his colleagues, friends and subjects as well as footage of Hondros throughout his life, Hondros captures the passion, tenacity and sensitivity of the acclaimed war photographer, even in moments of harrowing conflict.

Sponsored by Colorado Film and Video Association, Colorado Office of Film, Television and Media, Argonaut Wine & Liquor

Editor Davis Coombe will be in attendance

Producer: Greg Campbell, Daniel Junge, Geoff McLean, Mike Shum | Editor: Davis Coombe, Jenny Golden, Cindy Lee | Cinematographer: Mike Shum | Screenwriter: Jenny Golden, Greg Campbell
Cast: Chris Hondros
Additional Countries: Iraq, Liberia, Libya

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