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Futures Past

Jordan Melamed

Art/Filmmaking, Drama, Family Issues

EnglishUSA201689 min


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Financial trader–turned–filmmaker Jordan Melamed returned to his old stomping grounds—the pits of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME)—to chronicle the demise of open outcry, the 150-year old tradition of shouting orders that was being replaced by computer systems. He wound up with a much more personal, and fascinating, two-track documentary about the loss of tradition and failures of communication occurring in his own family.

Jordan made millions over his 12-year career before gambling it on a career in cinema—much to the anguish of his father, legendary trader and CME Chairman Emeritus Leo Melamed, who had revolutionized the financial world by inventing the concept of financial futures: precious metals, currencies, stock indexes. While providing a crash course in the arcane code used by traders down on the floor, then, Jordan's narrative also unfolds upstairs in Leo's office, where the battle between father and son echoes the turmoil below. Both of these intractable men have long dormant scores to settle: Leo is hurt that Jordan has turned his back on the legacy that was his to inherit, whereas Jordan is out to prove that he made the right decision in so doing. Can they reconcile before the pits are silenced forever?

Director Jordan Melamed in attendance

Producer: Doug Block, Jordan Melamed | Editor: Melissa Neidich, Danniel Danniel, Suzannah Herbert | Cinematographer: Sid Lubitsch, Slawomir Grunberg, Seth Henrikson | Screenwriter: Jordan Melamed, Melissa Niedich
Cast: Leo Melamed