JonBenet's Tricycle | Denver Film Society | Andrew Novick | USA

JonBenet's Tricycle

Andrew Novick

Avant Garde/Experimental, Crime, Mystery

EnglishUSA201788 min


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Andrew Novick—a Mile High legend as the man who collects almost everything—forges all sorts of emotional connections to the objects he acquires, many of which represent the darker side of humanity. He was living in Boulder 20 years ago when JonBenet Ramsey's tricycle fell into his hands after her notorious murder took place.

Recently compelled to tackle the unsolved mystery in his own way, Novick took the tricycle on a journey into the realm of psychic phenomena—or did it take him? This quirky autobiographical documentary is also an investigation of the human urge to possess what we value and of the impact pop culture and the media have on our experience of tragedy.

Sponsored by Colorado Film and Video Association, Colorado Office of Film, Television and Media, Argonaut Wine & Liquor

Director Andrew Novick and producer Theresa Mercado in person

Producer: Theresa Mercado | Editor: Corbin Gill | Cinematographer: Robert Muratore