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The Last Animals

Kate Brooks

EnglishUSA201792 min


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  • Overview

    War photographer–turned–filmmaker Kate Brooks spent three years documenting the plight of the Northern White Rhinoceros in the midst of a global wildlife-trafficking crisis. When she started the project, there were just seven of these remarkable creatures left in the world. Today there are only three.

    The Northern White Rhino's wild population was poached out of existence a decade ago at Garamba National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo; Garamba is now ground zero for one of the last viable elephant populations in central Africa, as poachers and park rangers wage war over the ivory trade. But the illegal, industrial-scale wildlife trade spans the globe, from Africa to the Far East and the United States. Despite international trade bans, contraband is openly sold and easy to find in both legal and unregulated domestic markets.

    Meanwhile, scientists around the globe are taking cutting-edge measures to apprehend criminals and save threatened species. In Europe, geneticists race to reproduce the Northern Whites using in-vitro fertilization and stem-cell technology. In Seattle, a forensic expert uses DNA testing to trace seized ivory back to the killing fields and the criminal networks behind them. And in Kenya, an ivory kingpin is finally put on trial—but will he be brought to justice?

    Brooks's sweeping and sobering debut documentary chronicles the incredible lengths to which an extraordinary group of people is going to save endangered species from criminal networks that continue to prove as elusive as they are devastating.

    Producer: Stephanie Soechtig, Kate Brooks | Editor: Brian Anton, Brian Lazarte | Cinematographer: Kate Brooks, Andrew Thompson | Screenwriter: Mark Monroe, Kate Brooks
    Additional Countries: UK

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