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The New Fire

David Schumacher

Environmental, Social Issues

EnglishUSA201784 min


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Nuclear power has long been viewed as a force for evil in popular culture. Yet the next-generation reactors currently in development may actually prove key to avoiding catastrophe in the form of global warming. The question is whether the entrepreneurs heading up this energy revolution can beat the clock of climate change while also changing popular opinion of the technology, convincing the world that the new nuclear is safe.

Filmed across four continents over the course of 22 months, Emmy-winning director David Schumacher's documentary focuses on how the generation bearing the brunt of the growing threat to life as we know it is fighting back with ingenuity and hope. The New Fire tells a provocative yet startlingly positive story about these young heroes as they try to save a planet in crisis.

Director David Schumacher in attendance for Nov. 4 and Nov. 5 screenings

Producer: David Schumacher | Editor: Adam Zucker | Cinematographer: Derek Wiesehahn
Cast: Jeffrey Sachs, James Hansen, Leslie Dewan, Jacob DeWitte