<i>Process Reversal Presents</i>: Robert Schaller | Denver Film Society

Process Reversal Presents: Robert Schaller

70 min


This is a past event. This event is no longer available.


Sunday, September 10th, 7:00pm

Film as / for Music as / for Film

An evening of works by Robert Schaller.
Presented on 16mm film featuring live cello accompaniment.

*Attend Robert's Pinhole Photography Workshop on Saturday and receive FREE admission to this screening!

For more than twenty years, Robert Schaller has been making films that are fundamentally concerned with two essential aspects of filmmaking: the materiality of the film medium itself, and the creation of "visual music" through applying the formal structures of music to filmmaking. His approach is based on the fact that film, consisting merely of a transparent strip of plastic that can be held in the hand and seen with an unaided eye, is accessible to the artist in a direct and tactile way (which, incidentally, more technologically advanced media cannot support). He has been a pioneer in re-envisioning the industrial model of celluloid filmmaking into an embodied human-scale practice for the individual artist who seeks greater control of the means of artistic production.

His current projects center around making silver emulsion and hand-coating it onto film, then shooting it in an imprecise handmade pinhole camera of his own design. He shoots according to precisely composed camera scores to visually constellate the world around him into elegant and often elusive visual forms. This screening features the integration of film projection of these and other works with live classical chamber music (written by himself and other collaborating composers).

Films in program:
InVerge Invocation (Live Music for Cello, 2 min)
Snow (2017, 16mm, B+W, Silent, 5 min)
Walk (2003/2010/2017, 16mm x 2, Color with Live Cello, 5 min)
My Life As A Bee (2002, 16mm Pinhole, Color, Silent)
Through (2016, 16mm B+W with Live Cello, 6 min)
In the Shadow of Marcus Mountain (2011, 16mm, B+W, Silent, 6 min)
To The Beach (1999, 16mm, Color, Sound, 10 min)
Four Delicate Concerns (2015, 16mm B+W Silent, 5 min)
If Not One And One (2000, 16mm x 3, Color, Sound, 15 min)
Mail (2013, 16mm B+W with Live Cello, 10 min)

Schaller lives in the mountains outside of Boulder, Colorado, where he founded and runs the Handmade Film Institute. He received his MFA at the University of Colorado in Boulder with Stan Brakhage and Phil Solomon. His creative life and teaching combine an extensive early background in science with studies of music composition, ancient languages (Latin and Greek), philosophy, and experimental filmmaking, along with a love of the wild. In filmmaking he has found a potent intersection of the tactile and ephemeral, making it a perfect medium for addressing humanity's relationship to the material world.

More of his films and writings can be seen at robertschaller.org, or at handmadefilm.org.

This screening is presented by Process Reversal, a non-profit organization that provides image-creation resources with an emphasis on photochemical filmmaking in the digital age. They teach workshops, program screenings, and organize artist visits. For more info visit www.processreversal.org