CineLatino FF: X500 | Denver Film Society | Juan Andrés Arango Garcia | Canada

CineLatino FF: X500

Juan Andrés Arango Garcia

Spanish, French, English, TagalogEnglish SubtitlesCanada2016108 min


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Sunday, September 24th, 11:30am
Set in Mexico, Colombia, and Canada, X500 tells the stories of three young migrants, each of whom goes through a metamorphosis following the death of a loved one. Thousands of kilometers apart, their paths never cross but rather echo one another thematically, combining to create a panoramic survey of personal change in vastly different surroundings.

Maria is a Filipino woman who recently moved to Montreal with her grandmother and is now trying to find her place in the community and her new country. David leaves his rural Mexican town to get to the city, where the physically demanding job he finds leads him to befriend a gay punk who guides him into an alternative life. Colombian fisherman Alex wants to make an honest living to support his family, but can't break his involvement with the criminal gangs that run the area. The violence that permeates each character's milieu proves difficult to escape — especially when engaging in that very violence seems the easiest path to acceptance. All three of them will undergo mental, emotional, and even physical transformations in order to make their way in their new worlds.

Additional Countries: Colombia/Mexico