RRFF17: The Frogmarch | Denver Film Society | USA

RRFF17: The Frogmarch

USA2015107 min


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“The Frogmarch” tells an intimate story about a group of well-intended friends who stage a drug-intervention: After serving five years, Travis Portman is being released from prison. A group of his closest friends gather at a remote and scenic lake house to celebrate his homecoming, but the weekend is not going to go as smoothly as they planned. Secrets are exposed. Relationships are torn apart. All of their skeletons are dragged into the light. For the next three days, they are forced to confront their own demons and, in the process, each other. Starring Caroline Bloom, Dan Cozzens, Jonathan D'Ambrosio, Catherine Duenneiber, Matthew C. Flynn.

Director - Jonathan D'Ambrosio / Blanket Fort Films