Almodóvar En Total: Kika | Denver Film Society | Pedro Almodovar

Almodóvar En Total: Kika

Pedro Almodovar

1993114 min


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Saturday, August 12th, 9:30pm. Sunday, August 13th, 4:30pm
Makeup artist Kika (Veronica Forqué) is hired to dress up the corpse of Ramón, but he unexpectedly bounces back to life. Naturally, they become lovers, but nothing is ever simple in an Almodóvar picture. Kika’s side affair with Ramón’s father, Nicholas (Peter Coyote), threatens their relationship. Kika’s maid (Rossy de Palma) introduces her dangerous brother, a prison escapee and porn star, into the household to cause mayhem. Voyeuristic dominatrix and television host Andrea Scarface (Victoria Abril) witnesses a crime committed against Kika, but she is mostly concerned with catching it on camera. This dizzying succession of events unfolds in a raucous comedy only Almodóvar could make.

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Cast: Veronica Forqué, Rossy de Palma, Victoria Abril, Alex Casanovas, Peter Coyote