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Overlook Film Festival Immersive Horror Game

Bottleneck Immersive


Unfolding over the entire festival weekend, The Overlook Film Festival’s signature event is a fully realized interactive horror mystery that bleeds seamlessly into the festival atmosphere. Open to all badge holders, The game permeates the entire weekend, featuring planted actors, hidden clues, tactile puzzles, and surprising twists that each player can engage with at their own comfort and interest. Those who follow the clues become the protagonists of an engaging and thrilling narrative that no two players will experience in exactly the same way. Details of the game’s story are not revealed until the festival begins. Don’t phone it in. And remember: discovering how to play is all part of the game. 3\4\6|3/ 8/4|3| 2/7|2\4|4\8\4\7\8/ 2|3|9/2/7|3| 7\2/6|4\8/9\ 6\2\8/6\2|3|7|

The game is available exclusively to badge holders. The game offers 3 tiers of engagement, with limited availability for the highest levels.To register for a more active experience, players must must opt-in and attend a game orientation at the festival. All badge holders will be notified via email when registration opens.