The Foreigner | Denver Film Society | Amos Poe | USA

The Foreigner

Amos Poe

USA197877 min


This is a past event. This event is no longer available.


One Screening Only!
Saturday, April 15th at 2:30pm

European secret agent Max Menace has arrived in New York for a top secret assignment - only to discover that there is no assignment and his spy contact knows nothing about him. We follow Max, a European who is alone and abandoned in New York, trying to make some kind of sense the city and find a purpose for his being there.

The film follows Max during his existential search-and-destroy mission alone in late Seventies New York. The film is shot on sensationally grainy black and white 16mm film, featuring performances from The Cramps and The Erasers, alongside a menagerie of city-tough punks and glamourpusses, and is shot in some (in)famous New York locations.