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Iron Monkey

Yuen Woo-Ping

MandarinEnglish SubtitlesHong Kong199385 min


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One Night Only!
Friday, March 10th at 10pm

Starring a very young Donnie Yen and directed by master fight choreographer Yuen Woo-ping.

This kung fu classic weaving fact and myth earned a theatrical release in the U.S. from Miramax eight years after it was produced, following a successful retrospective screening at the 2001 Los Angeles Film Festival.

Wong Kei Ying (Donnie Yen) is a master of the Hung Gar style of boxing in mid-19th century China. His son, Wong Fei Hung (Sze-Man Tsang), though still just a boy, will grow up to become a martial arts legend, a nearly mythical figure in Chinese history. When Wong Fei Hung is kidnapped, his father is forced to use his daunting skills in the service of the abductor, a dishonest politician plagued by the Robin Hood-style thief known as Iron Monkey, a mysterious masked avenger stealing from the rich, delivering the spoils to the poor. Wong Fei Hung's only allies are the kindly Dr. Yang (Yu Rong Guang) and Yang's assistant, Orchid (Jean Wang), who are protecting an important secret. Iron Monkey director Yuen Woo-ping is also the masterful martial arts choreographer behind The Matrix, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and the Kill Bill films.

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