Filmmaker Focus Workshop: Writing a TV Pilot | Denver Film Society

Filmmaker Focus Workshop: Writing a TV Pilot

120 min


This is a past event. This event is no longer available.


This is a six week course starting on Monday May 1st and will be held each consecutive Monday from 7:00-9:00pm excluding Memorial Day.
Why write in a vacuum, when you can have your questions answered, get feedback and ideas from other writers throughout the complicated process of creating a TV show? This is a class for people who want to create an original series, starting with a pilot script. You should have some experience with screenwriting (either TV or feature). Bring in your idea and together as a class we’ll discuss it, get clear on genre, tone, world. We’ll work on developing your characters and setting up the series for longevity. Then we’ll dive into story construction, creating a beat sheet or story outline so you’re ready to go to script.

Taught by Sibyl Gardner
After several years of working in television production (at fledgling MTV and the New York cable TV scene), Sibyl Gardner moved to Los Angeles to write. She landed a job as a writer’s assistant on the freshman season of “Law & Order,” where she got her first TV episodes produced. She went on to write for shows like “Profiler,” “Any Day Now,” “Judging Amy,” “ Joan of Arcadia,” “Saving Grace,” “Hawthorne,” and most recently worked on ABC’s “Nashville.” She’s also finished ten screenplays; one is in development with a Denver-based producer.

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