The Promise | Denver Film Society | Karin Steinberger | Marcus Vetter | Germany

The Promise

Karin Steinberger, Marcus Vetter

Biographical, Crime, Historical/Period, Social Issues

English, GermanEnglish SubtitlesGermany2016117 min


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Jens Soering was just 18 in 1985 when he met beautiful, beguiling Elizabeth Haysom as a freshman at the University of Virginia. The German diplomat’s son fell hard for the intelligent, artistic daughter of a Canadian businessman. But when Elizabeth’s parents were found dead in their home that spring, his life as well as hers took a tragic turn: both were convicted of the murder.

Flash-forward nearly 26 years to German filmmakers Marcus Vetter and Karin Steinberger, who uncover evidence that justice may not have been properly served. Using archival footage, new interviews and readings by actors Imogen Poots and Daniel Bruhl of the love letters between the accused couple, Vetter and Steinberger masterfully weave a true crime story of of obsessive love and betrayal that will leave you breathless.

Co-director and screenwriter Karin Steinberger in person

Producer: Marcus Vetter, Louise Rosen, Ulf Meyer | Editor: Marcus Vetter | Cinematographer: Georg Zengerling | Screenwriter: Karin Steinberger, Marcus Vetter
Cast: Imogen Poots, Daniel Brühl