Lupe Under the Sun (Lupe bajo el sol) | Denver Film Society | Rodrigo Reyes | Mexico

Lupe Under the Sun

Lupe bajo el sol

Rodrigo Reyes

SpanishEnglish SubtitlesMexico201678 min


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Lupe is a migrant farm worker who left his loved ones behind in Mexico years ago. He performs the back-breaking work, picking peaches for a living, and finds little solace in his American life. He and his girlfriend don’t talk much, and neither do his co-workers. When Lupe’s health starts to falter, he dreams of returning home—but having been gone for so long with no contact, he must confront the fact that his family has moved on.

Inspired by the life of his own grandfather, first-time feature writer-director Rodrigo Reyes has created a timely, bravely relentess, deeply moving portrait of an immigrant struggling to make his place in the world. This meditative drama of social consciousness fictionalizes a world Reyes portrayed to acclaim in his 2013 documentary, Purgatorio: A Journey into the Heart of the Border.

Director Rodrigo Reyes in person

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Producer: Su Kim, Rodrigo Reyes | Editor: Manuel Tsingaris | Cinematographer: Justin Chin | Screenwriter: Rodrigo Reyes
Cast: Daniel Muratalla
Additional Countries: USA

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