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Actors of Sound

Lalo Molina

EnglishUSA2016100 min


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As shooting on celluloid becomes practically obsolete, there is another, lesser-known—yet vitally important—element to moviemaking that is under threat: the art of Foley, named for a famous post-production sound artist from the Golden Age of cinema. This lively documentary introduces us to the exclusive coterie of Foley artists whose work enhances the emotional impact of practically every scene in a movie.

From Spartacus and Star Wars to The Gangs of New York and E.T., director Lalo Molina follows the leading Foley artists of our day, pulling back the curtain to show how they use everyday objects to create authentic sound effects. In the process, he also reveals what may be lost if Hollywood continues to digitize every possible sound in an effort to cut costs. One thing is for certain: after seeing The Actors of Sound, you’ll never listen to movies the same way.

Producer: Lalo Molina | Editor: Gustavo Bermal | Cinematographer: Karl Waechter | Screenwriter: Lalo Molina
Cast: Gregg Barbanell, Marko A. Costanzo, Catherine Harper, John Roesch, Kitty Malone, David Fein

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