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Off the Rails

Adam Irving

African/Af. Amer, Crime, Psychological, Social Issues

EnglishUSA201687 min


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Darius McCollum became obsessed with the New York City subway when he rode it to escape bullies as a youth. Sympathetic MTA employees nurtured his interest, teaching him to operate the trains and even giving him a uniform. By 15, he had taken his first joyride—posing as a conductor.

In this fascinating documentary, director Adam Irving introduces us to McCollum, who went on to commandeer hundreds of trains and buses, impersonating drivers and following their routes. Despite the victimless nature of his crimes, however, McCollum—who has Asperger’s—has spent 23 years in prison, leaving behind a broken marriage and an adoring mother. Engrossing on its own, his story is also a testament to our broken justice system’s poor track record when it comes to rehabilitation.

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Producer: Adam Irving, Glen Zipper | Editor: Adam Irving, Tchavdar Georgiev | Cinematographer: Adam Irving | Screenwriter: Adam Irving, Tchavdar Georgiev
Cast: Darius McCollum

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