Actor Martinez | Denver Film Society | Mike Ott | Nathan Silver | USA

Actor Martinez

Mike Ott, Nathan Silver

EnglishUSA201675 min


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ENDS THURSDAY 12/15/16 at the Sie FilmCenter.

Denver Film Festival regulars Nathan Silver and Mike Ott have made names for themselves on the festival circuit with strong character studies of alienated eccentrics. (Take Ott’s Lake Los Angeles, DFF37, or Silver’s Stinking Heaven, DFF38, as examples.) Two years ago in our own Filmmaker Lounge, they met festival volunteer Arthur Martinez—and the inspiration for a joint directorial outing was sparked. Filmed here in Denver, the result is a structure- and genre-bending investigation into the creative process and the motives behind it.

Production is challenging from the outset, as Arthur’s unwillingness to let his guard down, despite the prodding of the filmmakers, creates tension on the set. But it’s about to get worse. When Silver invites indie actress Lindsay Burdge here to play Arthur’s love interest, the bewildered protagonist can no longer handle the spotlight. In the end, Actor Martinez is a meditation not only on the art of filmmaking but on the boundary between narrative and documentary, fiction and reality: what truths can really be captured onscreen?

Actor Martinez Clip from Mary Jane Films on Vimeo.

Producer: Britta Erickson, Katie Shapiro, Patrick Hackett, Heika Burnison | Editor: Gerald D. Rossini | Cinematographer: Adam J. Minnick | Screenwriter: Nathan Silver, Mike Ott
Cast: Arthur Martinez, Lindsay Burdge, Nathan Silver, Mike Ott, Kenneth Berba, Rae Radke