Made in Venice | Denver Film Society | Jonathan Penson | USA

Made in Venice

Jonathan Penson

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This is a past event. This event is no longer available.


One Night Only! Wednesday, September 7th at 7:30pm.

Made In Venice is as close as you’ll come to the heartbeat of skateboarding, from its birthplace on the streets of Venice – aka “Dogtown”- to the local skateboarders who have held it up as “tradition” from the early ‘70s, and still do today.

Made In Venice takes you on a ride with the skateboarders of Venice, from “raising hell” on the beach in their teens to turning pro in the 80s and putting “street skating” on the global map. But their biggest challenge of all wasn’t becoming skateboarding legends; it was about getting what they dreamed of, and really wanted... a skatepark on Venice Beach for the community and the pro skaters of tomorrow.