Secret Sunshine (Milyang) | Denver Film Society | Lee Chang-dong | South Korea

Secret Sunshine


Lee Chang-dong

Drama, Foreign, Romance

KoreanEnglish SubtitlesSouth Korea2007142 minWebsite


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Digital presentation - In this somber Korean drama, a young mother and widow, Shin-ae, moves with her young son, Jun, from Seoul to a small town called Miryang following her husband's death. Having given up on her career as a concert pianist when she married her husband, she starts up a piano school, but soon it begins to feel like the polite people who inhabit her new home aren't as friendly as they seem on the surface. Judgmental whispers and disapproving gossip begin to reach Shin-ae's ears, and pressure to join the Christian cult that thrives in the town begins to mount. She's hesitant until an unimaginable tragedy alters her life forever, setting Shin-ae on a dark path of withdrawal from society as a whole.

Cast: JEON Do-yeon, SONG Kang-ho