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American Epic: Out of the Many One

Bernard MacMahon

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At the height of the Roaring Twenties, music scouts armed with cutting-edge recording technology set out across America to capture the unknown voices of everyday folk. The recordings they made revealed the country’s diversity—artistically, ethnically, geographically and economically. Through the stories of music pioneers, their families and eyewitnesses to the era, we travel back in time to the "Big Bang" of modern popular music—to the first time America heard itself, its own music, pure and unadulterated. This documentary trilogy produced by T Bone Burnett, Jack White and Robert Redford (who also narrates) explores a democratic revolution that would reverberate around the world.

The Americans will perform post screening at Brik on York the evening of November 3rd! Concert and Screening tickets are available for the November 3rd screening. The Americans will perform at Brik on York at 8pm, post screening. Screening and Concert tickets are $30 for non-members and $27 for members. Concert only tickets available Click Here

In Part 2, the multicultural threads of our musical tapestry are displayed, from a Hopi snake dance to a Tejana tango to a Cajun anthem.

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Producer: Duke Erikson, Bill Holderman, Bernard MacMahon, Allison McGourty | Editor: Dan Gitlin, Jim Hession, Gillian McCarthy | Cinematographer: Vern Moen
Cast: Jack White

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