Parting Is Such Sweet Cinema: Pillow Talk | Denver Film Society | Michael Gordon | USA

Parting Is Such Sweet Cinema: Pillow Talk

Michael Gordon

Classic, Comedy, Romance

EnglishUSA1959102 minDCP


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One Show Only! Tuesday, September 17 at 7pm

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Death is inevitable for us all and what we do with our time on Earth to leave our mark is one of the most important questions of life. Filmmakers, screenwriters, editors, cinematographers and actors have the great luck of doing work that will be with us forever and Parting Is Such Sweet Cinema is the place where we say goodbye to some cinematic talents who have recently left us. Come pay your respects with popcorn and a focused eye.

In honor of actor Doris Day (April 3, 1922 - May 13, 2019)

Playboy songwriter Brad Allen's (Rock Hudson) succession of romances annoys his neighbor, interior designer Jan Morrow (Doris Day), who shares a telephone party line with him and hears all his breezy routines. After Jan unsuccessfully lodges a complaint against him, Brad sets about to seduce her in the guise of a sincere and upstanding Texas rancher. When mutual friend Jonathan (Tony Randall) discovers that his best friend is moving in on the girl he desires, however, sparks fly.

Cinematographer: Arthur E. Arling | Screenwriter: Stanley Shapiro, Maurice Richlin
Cast: Rock Hudson, Doris Day, Tony Randall, Thelma Ritter