Before You Know It | Denver Film Society | Hannah Pearl Utt | USA

Before You Know It

Hannah Pearl Utt

Comedy, Drama

EnglishUSA201998 minDCPRating: Not Rated


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Stage manager Rachel Gurner still lives in her childhood apartment—along with her off-kilter actress sister, Jackie; eccentric playwright father Mel; and deadpan preteen niece Dodge—above the tiny theatre they own and operate. Level-headed and turtleneck-wearing Rachel is the only thing standing between her family and utter chaos. Then, in the wake of a sudden family tragedy, Rachel and Jackie learn their presumed-deceased mother is actually alive and thriving as a soap-opera star. Now the sisters’ already-precarious balance turns upside down, and Rachel must figure out how to liberate herself from this surreal imbroglio.

Cinematographer: Jon Keng | Screenwriter: Jen Tullock, Hannah Pearl Utt
Cast: Hannah Pearl Utt, Jen Tullock, Judith Light, Alec Baldwin