Scream Screen presents Christmas Evil | Denver Film Society | Lewis Jackson | USA

Scream Screen presents Christmas Evil

Lewis Jackson

Classic, Horror

EnglishUSA1980100 min


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Screens Friday, July 19th at 9:30pm as part of Scream Screen's "X-Mas In July Series"!

Preceded by a holiday music performance by Slim "Santa" Cessna before the film!

This oddball mixture of whimsy, gore, and anti-corporate rage has long been lumped in with other killer Santa films like the Christmas Evil but it's far from your average slasher film. Originally titled You Better Watch Out, the story follows one extremely unfortunate Christmas in the life of Harry (regular TV actor Maggart), a poor soul whose love for December 25th was forever warped when he injured himself while watching his parents getting it on with the aid of a Father Christmas outfit. Now a toy factory employee, Harry is still obsessed with Christmas but has taken it to rather frightening extremes, keeping an eye on his neighbors and compiling his own naughty-or-nice list with rather nasty punishments in mind. No one else around him seems willing to indulge Harry's dearly-kept dream to bring the Christmas spirit alive, and soon our poor antihero has snapped, turning his fragile psyche into the instrument for a rampage of yuletide violence with his non-charitable coworkers getting the brunt of his seasonal rage.

Cinematographer: Ricardo Aronovich | Screenwriter: Lewis Jackson
Cast: Brandon Maggart, Jeffrey DeMunn, Dianne Hull