SeriesFest S5 Digital Shorts Competition Block Three | Denver Film Society

SeriesFest S5 Digital Shorts Competition Block Three

83 min


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Tuesday June 25, 2:45pm

Temporary Guardian
Creator: Christopher Baker, Andrew May

Temporar Guardian is a comedic web series starring a Guardian Angel named Gary who, after his longtime client dies, is stuck in the Guardian Angel temp pool, protecting the crazies of the world when their regular guardians take some much needed time off.
Colorado Premiere

18 Grand: A Personal Space Odyssey
Creator: Amanda Dieli

During an American Center for Martian Exploration 70-day bed rest study, two neighboring participants experience all the highs and lows of friendship without even having to sit upright.
Colorado Premiere

The Gary Gold Story
Creator: Greg Ash

The Gary Gold Story is a 7 part digital comedy series following the attempts of a washed up once great English footballer, Gary Gold, to resurrect his sporting career in Los Angeles.
Colorado Premiere

Creator: Sharon Everitt

Brent Spiner (Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation) begrudgingly returns to Hollywood in order to one-up his rival and former co-star, LeVar Burton, in this comedy that desperately wants to be a musical.
Colorado Premiere