SeriesFest S5 Digital Shorts Competition Block Four | Denver Film Society

SeriesFest S5 Digital Shorts Competition Block Four

60 min


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Monday June 24, 3:00pm

Creator: Marco North

Eva is a prisoner of war in an alternate, dystopian past. She relies on her imagination to cope with the constant chaos in Eden, often unleashing her greatest fears as well.
World Premiere

Division Street: Fish Out Of Water
Creator: Traven Rice

A withdrawn young girl is sent off to live with her cantankerous Jewish grandmother on the Lower East Side in New York City. At first, it feels like punishment; but then she begins to see the neighborhood as a magical place of gritty wonderment.
Colorado Premiere

Street Flame
Creator: Katherine Propper

Street Flame is a dramatic coming-of-age series that follows a motley crew of alternative teens in Austin,Texas. The show is about friendships that become family, and youth who leave their mark on the streets they inhabit.

Creator: Grant Mellon

Betise addresses the struggles a young man faces 'growing up black' in today's America. Based loosely on a true story, we follow this character as he deals with issues at home and his neighborhood while attending a prestigious university - all while trying to figure himself out.