SeriesFest S5 Independent Pilot Competition: Drama Block Two | Denver Film Society

SeriesFest S5 Independent Pilot Competition: Drama Block Two

97 min


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Saturday June 22, 12:30pm and Sunday June 23, 7:30pm

Creators: Yudho Aditya, Robert Walker Jeffery

A loose-anthology series about strangers who coexist in a New York psych ward and how they cope with their mental illness without losing their minds - even more than the world already thinks they have. Each episode is told from a different person's point of view.
World Premiere

Creator: Matthew Fifer

Bagdad, Florida is a story of three friends who shotgun South and meet the “real America.” Together they realize how far America has come and how much further it still needs to go. Set the kitchen table, a red meat vegan dinner for two.
Colorado Premiere

Creator: Naomi Ko

Nice is a half hour series about Teddy Park, a 20-something fantasy football obsessed Korean American woman living in Minnesota, who must deal with the consequences of keeping her breast cancer a secret from her friends and family.
Colorado Premiere